Surana Naveen Vikash & Co. | Chartered Accountants

We believe in creating an experience focused on: learning in context, learning by doing and reflecting, learning over time, learning with others, learning by teaching and learning through engagement. We believe in upskilling and training to build a stimulating and rewarding career. Our USP has been a focus upon knowledge sharing and peer to peer conversation which help our people develop soft skills which are a necessity when they step their feet in the corporate world.

Our people have the ability to imagine, plan for, and help our clients, and one another to achieve the best results. And this is because we see opportunities where some only see problems!

Thinking beyond traditional tuition programs: SATURDAY CLASS

This is more than just classroom learning. It involves seminars and sessions with industry leaders as well as knowledge sharing between various industry experts. This creates a learning model that is not just in-depth, but also conversational and engaging.